A complete gemological qualitative analysis of all gemstones is done.

Each piece of jewelry will be weighed, measured and described in detail.

Inscriptions, hallmarks, stampings, signatures and any other identifying markings are noted.

Gemstones are identified and calibrated to obtain approximates weights.

A color analysis of colored gemstones is done.

Colored gemstones certificates will be done for colored stones when appropriate.

All diamonds over 1/2 carat will be issued a stone certificate, with color, clarity and cutting angles  
listed.  The internal characteristics of the stone will be plotted.

A metallurgic analysis is done on all metals to verify type and fineness.

Digital Photographs of all jewelry items are taken and included in the appraisal document.

Your appraisal will explain the grading system used.

An explanation of the definition of value will be included, along with the instructions for the  appropriate
use of the document.

Your appraisal will be prepared in conformity with the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice          

The final report is bound in a book with one extra copy.

If desired, your store or company logo can be printed on the cover of the completed appraisal  
Appraisal Process