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Yelp Review
5 star rating

My fiance and I had Patrick appraise my e-ring yesterday and the experience could not have been better! He was super friendly and
knowledgeable and he allowed us to be involved in the entire process (it is a "while you watch" appraisal). He explained everything he was
doing and why he was doing it, let us view our diamond with all of his tools so we could see exactly what he was talking about, and he was
patient in answering all of our questions. We walked out of there feeling even more excited about our diamond. :) It was an overall
wonderful experience! Without hesitation, I highly recommend Patrick Davis!

Yelp Review
5 star rating

I am newly engaged and needed a professional, independent appraisal of my ring for the insurance company. I searched high and low
and finally decided on Patrick based on reviews and qualifications.

His office is located right off the 405 freeway in a two story office building in Culver City. The appraisal is done behind closed doors in
case there is someone (and there was) waiting in the lobby. There are also cameras in his office which made me happy.

The process started with a little education about basics of a diamond. The ring is always kept in plain sight and handled with care. Patrick
went over the measurements, clarity, cut, color, size and specs all without seeing the GIA certificate. This is done to ensure you have the
same diamond that you paid for! Every detail matched up. We were definitely more educated after the appraisal and felt comfortable with
the process.

You need to have your engagement ring independently appraised. Getting the appraisal from the jeweler you  bought it from is a conflict
of interest.

Patrick is professional, friendly, and very informative. Two thumbs up!

Yelp Review
5 star rating
I found Patrick based on other YELP reviews.  What can I say, he exceeded my expectations!  
My fiance and I were recently engaged and we wanted the ring appraised by someone other than where we made the purchase.  I actually
requested Patrick to do a "blind" appraisal where he could not see the diamond report.  I was nervous it wasn't the same diamond.  But
Patrick confirmed all the measurements to the exact numbers on the GIA certificate.  Needless to say, I was very relieved and very
impressed with Patrick's expertise.  He was professional and easy to talk to and walked us through the entire appraisal, step by step.  He
explained everything he was doing and even taught us a few things.  

I would highly recommend Patrick Davis for his appraisal services.

Yelp Review         
5 star rating
Its pretty scary, this diamond thing. For someone who doesn't know anything about diamonds, and suddenly has to go out and have a
family heirloom appraised, cleaned, and resized, (with family members telling you "don't let that rock out of your sight, there are criminals
in this business who will swap the stone"), its a bit overwhelming. Oh, and add on to that the fact that you're going to give this ring to
someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

I needed an appraisal, and I needed it fast. I found Patrick on google of all places, and I could not have been happier with the results. He
understood I had a small window to sneak out and get this appraisal, and he saw me with less than 24 hours notice. He was a pro all the
way. He walked me through the process, and did everything right in front of me. By the end of my appointment, I not only had a very
detailed appraisal that can be used for insurance and declaration of value, but I had a better understanding of why the ring was valued as
it was.

Yelp Review   
5 star rating
Note: This is my Fiancee's account. I am writing this from my point of view (I'm a dude) based on our experience.

Summary: Patrick will be my go-to guy for all jewelry appraisals for life, or until I move out of LA. I may even consider still making a trip to
him even if I move out of LA. He's that good.

Long version:

Obviously when purchasing expensive jewelry you want to dot all your i's and cross all your t's when it comes to having no stone (pun
intended) unturned.

In my case, I had just recently purchased a fairly expensive loose diamond. Not trusting the seller's (who is a major, reputable online
diamond merchant, mind you) or taking anything for granted, I wanted professional verification of what I actually purchased, as well as
documentation to take to my insurance as proof of value. It isn't so much that I was distrusting the diamond merchant, it was more that I
just didn't want to bet 5 figures on it, if you know what I mean.

When looking around online on yelp and pricescope, I realized Patrick was the guy. We made an appointment soon after.

His office is located in a shared building on the second floor. It has a waiting area and the office/lab where he does the work is separated
by a door, nice for privacy in case there was another party waiting. A huge plus is that he does the work as you watch, is happy to field
any and many questions and thoroughly explains what he is looking for, facts about the gem, and what he is doing. I think it is probably
not uncommon for lots of people to have a bit of anxiety through the diamond purchasing process (especially if it is loose, I suspect), and
he is well aware of this, taking extra care to let you see the diamond or piece at all times and not moving or working in a way that makes
you feel uncomfortable. This was a total win in my book.

After a thorough but quick analysis of the stone using all of his neat tools, he jotted down basic notes about it and had me compare it to
the GIA cert which I was holding in my hand. That touch was neat - kind of felt like a game show, but I had all the answers.

Needless to say, he was in agreement with almost all points of the GIA cert (for example, let say my GIA said "48%, he might say 47%),
which was a good feeling. As I understand it, there is a fair amount of subjectivity of GIA and other institutional ratings due to the fact that
it is done by humans and not machines, so there might be some variance even between two GIA inspectors.... but I digress. The point is
that he may not hit everything exactly as your cert says (to the T), but he will be as close as you could hope to be (assuming your docs
are legit, of course).

After the appraisal, I gladly paid and received an invoice. I didn't leave that day with the appraisal as he explained it would take a couple
business days to complete, and he would mail me the original report plus a copy to send to my insurance company.

A few days later, a neat package came in the mail, providing pretty much all the info found on the GIA cert, but from his independent
analysis (which is obviously the point). Sweet. Sent the copy to my insurance and now I sleep at night knowing that my sometimes
clumsy/forgetful/absentminded/lovely/etc/etc fiancée has her E-ring covered, both with insurance and a rock solid appraisal.

Took it back after it was mounted in a custom setting (completely custom, you wouldn't be able to buy this design anywhere, muahhaha,
more on this in a review of Philip Press) as well. I thought this might be a bit hard to do because it was a custom piece, but he had no
problem finding all the component parts, their quality (F, VS1, etc. - had like 86 small teeny diamonds, he got all that, down to that level),
figured out weight of the band, crunched some numbers and used factors to determine a fair value.

Something else I left out that was nice to know as a result of his work was that he is able to tell you what the wholesale price of your
stone/piece would be, and how much is an expected markup based on store type (Online, Downtown Diamond District, Wholesalers, the
joints on Rodeo, and everything in between) as well as prestige of your designer. This was nice to compare to your actual purchase price
as it validates your hard work, and it lets you know how much you paid in mark-up and name brand, etc.

As of writing this review I am waiting for the fully mounted appraisal in the mail, but am confident it will be consistent with the level of quality
work I had seen with the loose stone.

Rock on, Patrick!

(ok, that pun was not intended...)

Yelp Review   
5 star rating
I took my engagement ring in to be appraised for insurance purposes today.  Patrick was very friendly and professional.  I really liked that
he made sure to explain things in an accessible manner and went over what went into his appraisal.  I took in a vintage ring and he was
very knowledgeable about how to figure out the date of origin for both the stone and the setting

Yelp Review   
5 star rating

I called a number of Jewelry appraisers and visited with one of them and Patrick was head and shoulders above all of them.  He was so
knowledgeable and nice and made me feel at ease as he explained the appraisal process.  Everything was done right in front of me which
was a prerequisite for me in searching fro a reputable appraiser.  I would recommend Patrick to anyone needing the services of a
professional jewelry appraiser.

Yelp Review   
5 star rating
Definite 5 stars. If you need a reliable and very capable jewelry appraiser, this is the place.  Patrick is very personable and extremely
knowledgeable.  He is the second appraiser I met with and he was infinitely better in every way.   Meeting with him was like attending a
gemology class on diamonds!  I left with all my questions answered and complete confidence in the value of my purchase.  He was
EXTREMELY thorough and accurate in his work.  While he inspected the diamond ring, I held the certificate myself to double check his
findings.  He was so close in his assessments that it was like he was reading the certificate himself.  He has numerous instruments to carry
out the review and walk you through each step as he sets up the equipment to review for yourself.  Can't say enough about Patrick.  
Thanks again.  You have a customer for life now.

Yelp Review   
5 star rating
As everyone else said, Patrick is great.  I highly recommend his services.

His office is on the second floor of  the building on the south east corner of Washinton Blvd, and Sawtelle.  There is free parking in the
back.  For your security you have to ring the doorbell to gain access to the office.  The office is a small two room affair.  A reasonable
waiting area and simple office loaded with appraisal books and equipment.

My Experience:
I arrived right at my appointment time and maybe waited in the waiting room for 5 minutes for the prior client to finish up.  Patrick is very
talkative and friendly.  He explains everything that he is doing right in front of you.  If you are concerned he takes very good care to make
sure your diamond is never out of your sight.  I was involved in every step of the appraisal and felt very secure and confident in his
abilities at all times.

Special Notes:
Patrick is very aware of the new online diamond market and seems to cater his business to capture that clientele.  He is well aware of all
the major online players and discussion forums.  

I had a loose diamond appraised which took about an hour and the fee was $100.  Patrick told me that if I bring it back set in the ring the
fee would only be $50.

Yelp Review   
User Rating 5 out of 5 stars
I recently got my fiancées ring appraised by Patrick Davis at GemSecure and I couldn't have had a better experience. He is the nicest guy
and really takes the time to educate you on what exactly goes into the appraisal process. If you're like me, you spent more than your fair
share of time researching rings and diamonds until you were exhausted of all energy, time, patience, brain-power and most of your
savings. (They say that's just the beginning haha) It was nice to sit with Patrick and be assured that all my hard work had paid off and that
I had gotten what I paid for and some. He is extremely professional and educated when it comes to anything ring or diamond related and
kindly answers any and all questions you can throw at him.
As far as the fee, it is what to expect for a detailed appraisal ($100 for one item) and it takes about an hour, while you watch. When it's all
said and done you have an official, professional looking appraisal document with one copy to send along to your jewelry insurer of choice.
If you're even considering going to GemSecure...just do it, you won't regret.

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User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Diamonique
Diamond Ring Appraisal: Me and my fiancé had our diamond ring appraised by Patrick Davis and the experience was great for both of us.
Very nice man and very knowledgeable and professional. We felt very comfortable with him and we liked that it was while you watch. We
highly recommend him if you need to get your jewelry appraised!

Pricescope Review
I went and got the diamond appraised by Patrick Davis.  As a side note, for anyone in the LA area, I highly recommend Patrick Davis.  He
should be a gemology professor.  He answered all my questions and made sure I saw the diamond under his microscope and other
scopes available.  I apparently got an amazing deal on the diamond, but there were several concerns raised from the appraisal.  First, the
color was an "E+" meaning it was almost an F.  Second, he noticed some light leakage without the use of a scope.  He said that while the
cut would qualify as "excellent" under the GIA, it certainly wasn't a hearts & arrows cut.  This coupled with the fact that the diamond has a
59% table percentage (I wanted 58% or less) has troubled me since the appraisal.
Thanks Again, Debbie

Pricescope Review
Very professional, very experienced, very nice, explains the whole process.  Its nice to find an consumer advocate to someone buying
-John Hauser

Paul Thompson Co.
As a fellow appraiser and associate I find Patrick to be one of the most professional and  experienced appraisers in the field.  He was the
head appraiser for many years at Paul Thompson Company Jewelers in Hancock Park
, California.
-Paul Thompson

Village Heights Jewelry Store, Los Angeles
Patrick Davis has been appraising out our store for over 10 years and has been a consistent and accurate appraiser and asset to our
store.  I totally trust and respect his gemological knowledge.
- Lewis Effala - Village Heights

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User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
by Pete
Bought a new diamond and had it appraised by him. Thanks for the knowledge. I'M glad I didn't get ripped off.

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User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by florinemusic
Thank you for the education: Very professional. Very nice guy. He explained the whole appraisal process to me. Made me feel very
comfortable because I was nervous that I didn't get a good deal on the ring I purchased. I know allot more about diamonds now. Thanks

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Maximillian Y.
Playa Vista, CA
5 star rating
Patrick Davis is the appraiser/ owner is great. I took my finance's diamond ring here for an appraisal. It was a very educational process
where Patrick walked me through each process of the appraisal. He talked through each part of what he was doing. The four C's, what he
was looking at. Then he described the exact method by which he calculated the wholesale value of the ring as well as retail value.
Having gone through this process... I think this makes me a more savvy shopper knowing what the average markup is for diamond rings
based on whether you buy it online, at the jewelry, at a brick and mortar store or at a high end luxury jewelry store.
I would feel very comfortable going back to Patrick for other appraisals.

14 Karat Jewelry Store Beverly Hills
Patrick is one of the best jewelry appraisers in the Los Angeles area.  We use patrick for most of our appraisal needs and have been very
happy with his services.
-Yossi - 14 karat Beverly Hills

Pricescope Review
I got my ring appraised/verified by Patrick Davis - Los Angeles area - very happy and good experience
Thank you,Tracey

Pricescope Review
Ok I had my diamond ring appraised by Patrick Davis - First, he will tell you BEFORE you buy to see if you are getting a fair deal. He does
not sell or broker diamonds and is an objective appraiser. If I had known, I would have called him with a couple of my favorite pics just to
check. One thing I didn't know is that there is a diamond "blue book" that lists prices by grade, so you know exactly if you are getting a
good deal or not.
- professional, asks you to follow along on your GIA cert but does not want to look at it. He goes thru everything and explains as he goes.
Very educational.
- Totally reasonable rate.
- Verified my diamond and told me if I actually got a good deal or not, which I did (thanks James Allen & Pricescope)
- Very professional, takes about a casual hour. Highly recommend him.

The Jackels Collection of Beverly Hills
We use Patrick for many of our appraisal needs and have always been satisfied with his appraisals.  His appraisals or accurate and fair
and have been very helpful to us.
-Tom Jackels - The Jackels Collection

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User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Sparkle
Purchased a diamond online from bluenile and had Mr. Davis verify the diamond was what they said it was. Very happy with the process -
Thank you!

Pricescope Review
I have a diamond with a "bruted" girdle. I just had it appraised by Patrick Davis (G.G ASA) in Los Angeles. (He was great by the way )

Pricescope Review
It took me a few days to find a good appraiser in the Los Angeles/West LA area, and now I did and had my first visit with him, I wanted to
spread the good word.  His name is Patrick Davis, more info can be found on his site:
I spent an hour with him this afternoon looking at an engagement ring I'd recently purchased. He's a very nice chap, clearly knows his stuff
- I was very impressed, despite my diamond already being set, he was able to read out to me every measurement, rating, reading, etc. he
was making and it match to a T everything on my GIA report without him ever seeing it. He educates you thoroughly on the process,
allowing you to stay and watch if you want, and showing you key things under the microscope. His rates are also very reasonable. Hope
this helps someone!

Pricescope Review
I'm in LA and used Patrick Davis (from this website) and he was friendly, informative, and reasonably priced.

Pricescope Review
Hi there, I had my diamond appraised by Patrick Davis in Culver city.  He was very professional and friendly, and he is a trusted member
of this forum.  I would definitely recommend him, he will give you good advice on your purchases.  He is the link to his website...  Hope that
Thanks Debbie

Pricescope Review
We've used this appraiser a number of times and have been very happy with his services.
-Edison Family

Pricescope Review
Based on the reviews here, I decided to get my ring appraised by Patrick Davis. I was not disappointed! His fee is very
reasonable/competitive ($100) and you get a really nice document at the end. He only accepts cash or check. His office was a bit far for
me, but it was worth the drive to Culver City. I needed my appraisal faster than the normal 3-5 days for insurance purposes, and he was
nice enough to send me an electronic copy the next day. Definitely a thumbs up!

Pricescope Review
Kcoursolle and I have both used Patrick Davis - he is near Santa Monica.  ~$100   Super nice guy, likes to educate, shows you stuff under
the microscope, lets you check out his master set while he grades color, etc.   Here is a link.  His rates are on there too.  You make an
appt and go and watch him do it.   (He does have Saturday appts)
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Poo L.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

Patrick appraised my engagement ring and assures me that yes, it's a REAL diamond!  YES!  Haha!

Patrick is awesome!  Excellent communication before the appointment and after.  And, as his other Yelp reviews reflect,
he's professional and informative.  I recommend his services.

Also, if you've got a new engagement ring and don't have any jewelry cleaner, pick up a jar while you're there.  It'll make
your ring extra sparkly!  So worth it!

Mike E.
Redondo Beach, CA
5.0 star rating

I wanted to get my custom engagement ring for my fiance appraised right after I received it, so before I received it, I went
on Yelp to try to find a highly-rated one in Los Angeles. I read about how you usually had to give the ring over to an
appraiser and come back later to get it after it was appraised and how you had to be careful where you went, because they
can switch out the center diamond for a less valuable one. That really scared me so I obviously wanted to avoid one of
those places. I  tried looking for an appraiser that made appraisals while you were there and was fortunate enough to find

I called to make an appointment with Patrick, the owner and operator of GemSecure, which was very easy. Make sure you
do make an appointment and not just walk in, as he can get booked fairly quickly. I came to Patrick's office and he gave me
a form to fill out my information in the waiting room. When I was finished with the form, I came into his office where he had
myriad of equipment to perform his appraisal. Patrick then proceeded to perform the appraisal and he walked me through
what he was doing in order to come to the correct value of the ring; he was very informative. He then gave me a value for
the ring and then told me he would mail me a nice, pretty copy of the appraisal and then a copy of the appraisal for
insurance purposes. Since I was looking for a good insurance company for the ring, he recommended one to me and sent
them my information and the appraisal in order for them to send me a quote.

I highly recommended Patrick and GemSecure. Patrick definitely knows what he's doing, he does the appraisal in front of
you, and is honest and is nice and helpful. If you're going to get an appraisal for any jewelry, you will not regret visiting

Christine C.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

This was the best experience I've ever had with an appraisal for a few reasons:

1. Patrick is very friendly and makes it a point to explain every step of the process to you. I learned so much from this one
session despite owning and insuring my jewelry for many years.

2. I was on a tight timeline because my insurance company only gave me 10 days to get this new appraisal before they
would cancel my policy. When I expressed this to Patrick, he made it a point to immediately get the paperwork to me. He
asked me to email him when I got back home to remind him, but by the time I went to send the email, he had already sent
me a copy of the completed appraisal. I could not have asked it to be any faster and I wasn't charged anything extra for the
expedited processing.

3. While I was complaining about my current insurance company, he informed me of another reputable insurance company
that was more affordable. I got a quote from this other company and found out that they could provide me with the same
coverage at half the cost that I was currently paying. So Patrick not only did a fantastic job on my appraisal, but he actually
saved me money in the long run.

Simply put, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Don't bother going anywhere else.

Wendy V.
Venice, CA
5.0 star rating

My soon to be husband bought my ring on eBay, SUPER risky but I did my homework and made sure we had a full return
option with a decent window time to return. I read countless reviews before deciding GemSecure was by far the best option!

Most places send your ring off, Patrick, the owner, does it right there in front of you. He is a no bullshit guy and was ready
to tell it like it is! He's not going to fluff any feathers, he's like the kelly blue book of diamonds.

We had to wait a few days for the appointment (so call right away). He personally does the appraisal and it does not
surprise me that he is in high demand. We were lucky in the end, he told us we got a great deal and his findings were even
better then what the ebay seller claimed. The Appraisal cost $95 out the door. He mailed our GIA certified appraisal
papers, one for the insurance and the "pretty copy" for us to keep! It will include all the details of the diamond grade and
estimated value.

I always read Yelp reviews to find the best choice but I have to admit, I only write reviews when I'm absolutely impressed:)
Thanks Patrick! We are NOT returning this antique platinum diamond ring and appreciate your work!

Wendy and Turtle

Marissa L.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

When I was at Fox Hills/Westfield Mall I went in to a big box jewelry store to ask how much it would cost to get my
engagement ring appraised.  Apparently it takes two weeks and costs more than one Benjamin; you have to leave the ring
with them, they send it off, and then it comes back with a report.

Since that wasn't very enticing....Enter the search for an independent and trained appraiser (not a pawnshop or cash for
gold scammer store.)

My partner and I were super fortunate to find Patrick at GemSecure.   Beyond an official GIA appraisal on paper, we also
got an extremely educational and informative appraisal session--aka a crash course on the value of jewelry and the jewelry

We learned so much about jewelry just from this short conversation.   First and foremost---the end consumer always
overpays for jewelry, it only varies in how much.   So...basically...Cartier and Tiffany's are all branding.  A ton of diamonds
are "recycled" so that's just marketing.  And so on and so forth...  Patrick provided a lot of thorough explanations, and was
willing to answer any questions.  He was also able to do this with a nonjudgmental and reassuring stance.   Everything we
learned from talking to him we are going to keep in mind as we shop for wedding bands

This is also how we learned that jewelry stores contract appraisers.  If we'd gone through a jewelry store we would have
paid way more and missed out on the educational/interaction component of the appraisal.   If you need a jewelry appraisal
done, this has got to be the optimal way to do it.


Read the email he sends out and arrive on time!  As with all small businesses, cash is appreciated.  Ample street parking
in the area plus a rear lot, IIRC.

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Liezl E.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

I came here a couple years ago to appraise my ring for insurance purposes. It's appointment only. For those uninitiated to
anything jewelry related, it's a great experience. I learned a lot about the cut, style, and approximate year of my antique
engagement ring. He also ran it through this vibrating cleaner thing before examining for clarity. After it was all said and
done, I got an envelope in the mail that included a picture and report of all the details of our appointment.

It was so informative that I wished I had other jewelry to appraise just for the learning experience.

PARKING: Ample metered street parking.

Chase M.
Fullerton, CA
5.0 star rating

My experience with Patrick was great. My girlfriend and I had him appraise a ring I inherited and he was very thorough and
detailed with his explanation. He was very professional and I definitely learned a lot in the hour I was in his office.

I highly recommend Patrick to anybody!

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Jeanine M.
Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

Patrick was very helpful and knowledgeable! Unfortunately for me the family heirloom jewelry I brought in to get appraised
was not what I thought or hoped. However Patrick explained and shared some insight into the piece. Definitely recommend
and will be going back if I have anything else I need appraised. Overall a positive experience!

Beth G.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

Patrick did a fantastic job appraising a diamond ring I inherited. He was very thorough in his explanation of how he
determined the insurable value of the gold and the diamonds--and when I had the ring converted into a pendant, he was
able to reevaluate the new work and confirm the stones were the same exact ones from my grandmother's ring. When it
came time for my fiance and I to get our wedding bands appraised, we didn't consider going anywhere else.

Patrick is a true professional. Jewelry appraisal is his business, so unlike jewelers who appraise on the side, he's not trying
to push you to buy a new piece or upgrade what you have (or trying to justify the price of his own workmanship). He
focuses on providing the most detailed and unbiased information about your jewelry, which is exactly what I wanted from an
appraiser. He even took extra time to help us understand how the jewelry industry works, so that we'll feel confident in
future purchases. Highly recommended!

David Christopher L.
Burbank, CA
5.0 star rating

It is exceedingly rare in this world to come across integrity, honesty and thorough competence and professionalism.  That
succinctly describes Patrick Davis.

I visited Patrick this afternoon for an appraisal, only after he he had already taken a substantial amount of time last week
with via phone and email to discuss (on a complimentary basis) the jewelry (family heirlooms), the worth of which I was
seeking to determine.

You will not only find a more knowledgeable and personable gemologist; but Patrick was thorough and explained every
factor that contributed to, or detracted from the value of the items I had appraised.  

Patrick's commitment to integrity transcends an industry that is often suspect because of a focus on profit motive.  Patrick's
focus is purely based on the love of what he does, as well as his concern for the clientele who come to him.  

Because it is so very rare for me to encounter professionals who are altruistic and deeply honest,  I wish I could give him
ten stars.  Just know that if you need an appraisal there's no need to go elsewhere...  He may be the single best appraiser
in all of Southern California.

Kenneth K.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

Patrick is second to none!!!

First impressions of Patrick was that he was enthusiastic, welcoming, and an individual that loves what he does BEST!!!!

He is the BEST at what he does...
He is extremely detail-oriented in his appraisal and definitely has a unmatched understanding of his craft.   He also took
the time to educate me on the diamond industry itself and the intricacies of purchasing diamonds!

All the accolades he has received to date is well deserved...

I WOULD RECOMMEND EVERYONE to see Patrick for appraisals!

  Munk M.
  Pasadena, CA
5.0 star rating

Patrick deserves all the business.

Amazingly professional, educational, detailed and just the right level of friendly.

He appraised an important piece of jewelry and indeed walked me through the steps, never rushing. Even helped provide
a better option for insurance than the solid one I had planned to pay.

The final appraisal document was far more professional than appraisal docs that I've received from prior appraisers (who
charged more). I'll absolutely return to GemSecure Jewelry Appraisals in the future!

The location is upstairs and around the corner toward the intersection -- actually feels safer there than right on the street.

Lina V.
Glendale, CA
5.0 star rating

Found Patrick Through Yelp and Yelp has yet to prove me wrong. He was professional and very informative. I only had one
piece to appraise and he took his time. Price is Amazing, service is A plus, and most importantly appraisal is dead on. i
recommend going to him before or after buying Jewelry. Thank you Patrick.

Ann M.
Las Cruces, NM
5.0 star rating

Extraordinarily professional experience. I traveled to Los Angeles from another state just to meet with this appraiser and I
can say the trip and the expense of the trip was worth every dollar it cost me. Patrick Davis has an extraordinary
knowledge of gems and all things related to fine jewelry. If you have any jewelry of value that needs a proper appraisal,
Patrick Davis is the expert.

Lawtton T.
La Palma, CA  
5.0 star rating

I am not into diamonds, but finding Patrick made the appraisal process most comfortable, informative and assuring. I am a
fan and I recommend him most highly.

Sarah B.
Santa Monica, CA
5.0 star rating

Patrick is amazing!  He takes great pride in his business and only wants the best for his clients.

Patrick takes the time to explain every part of the appraisal process and goes over every detail of how engagement rings
and diamonds are valued.

I would HIGHLY recommend every couple who wants their engagement ring and wedding rings appraised to go Patrick at

Be sure to call ahead and make an appointment - he books up quickly!

Meredith M.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

Patrick is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He walks you through each step of how he appraises your jewelry
and how he calculates the value. He shares alot of information very quickly but also takes the time to answer questions. I
recently had my engagement ring appraised for insurance purposes and had the official appraisal in my mailbox within 2
days. I highly recommend Patrick for all your appraisal needs and will come back to him once I have the wedding ring to
add to my policy!

Bonus - he cleaned my ring while I was there!

Airik B.
Durham, NC
138 friends
16 reviews

I couldn't write this review fast enough!

I had a great experience with Patrick. I had him look at one piece that I wanted appraised, and he took his time explaining
his process as he worked through each step, and happily does so. I felt very comfortable with him and he seems to take a
lot of pride in his work.

I have a few more pieces that I want appraised and I'll definitely be going back to Patrick. There is NO DOUBT about that!

Gigi B.
Redondo Beach, CA
5.0 star rating

So happy I found Patrick through Yelp! Wrote him through his website to get a ring appraised. He didn't have any
appointments when I wanted, but made sure to contact me right when one came available at the last minute. I went in, he
was right on time, and it was pretty spectacular to watch him discover the hidden secrets behind my old ring. I would 100%
absolutely recommend this place for an expertly-informed, unbiased opinion of your jewelry's worth--and for a kind and
patient lesson in how jewelry appraisal works!

Shawn S.
5.0 star rating

Unbiased, trustworthy, and is really knowledgeable at what he does. It shows clearly in his professionalism, his setup, and
his quick thinking. Overall a great guy. No wonder he has such great reviews. There isn't more you need from an
appraiser. Thanks Patrick

Juan T.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

The moment you walk into Patrick's office, you know you're working with a pro. With some vendors, you get the sense
they're just blowing smoke in your face to cover up their lack of expertise, but not so with him. He definitely knows his stuff.

Patrick will tell you everything up-front. Good or bad, he won't pull any punches. What you get is the honest truth about
your appraisal. He'll answer your questions, your concerns and give you the best and worst case scenarios as he walks
you through every step of his evaluation process.

Fortunately for me, he appraised the engagement ring I bought for my fiancee at $1500 more than what I paid for it! A
week later he issued me an official appraisal that I took to my insurance company.

Considering the appraisal itself cost only $90, I'd say I definitely came out on top :)  

Thanks, Patrick!